REVELATORY Moments at The ARK OF NOAH! Special guests Rick Renner Paul Renner!

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On the live broadcast today, Joseph Z is in the studio with special guests Rick Renner and Pastor Paul Renner. They share revelatory moments about their visit to Noah’s Ark. Paul and Rick begin by sharing their ordeals at the scene of Noah’s Ark and how they captured all the interesting scenes shared on this broadcast. Rick discloses that the Ark landed on the top, near today’s Iranian border, showing pictorial images of the altar built by Noah in honor of the Almighty, where all sacrifices to God were made.  

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Paul adds that they were able to see where God made His covenant with Noah, promising never to destroy the earth with a flood again; revealing also that the ark is a symbol of judgment, redemption, hope, and a new beginning. Interestingly, Rick reveals that there were stones that supported the ark as it was sliding down to safety and eventually landed on Mount Judi. He reveals that some of those stones are now being used as gravestones because people consider them holy. 

Pauls also shares their visit to the village of Eight, which is considered to be the place where Noah lived with his family after descending from the ark, and the graveyard of this ancient village is like none that anyone has ever seen because of how old it looks. He further makes us understand that the reappearance of the ark is a sign, which shows that we’re approaching the end time, and also at the edge of a new beginning. Once more, he brings to our knowledge that where Noah’s ark landed is north of where the Garden of Eden is located, meaning that God started over in the same place where he first created mankind. 


0:00 Introduction

05:27 Paul’s Impression of Noah’s Ark

07:33 Noah’s Altar(Pictorial Representation)

12:12 Symbolism of Noah’s Ark

15:55 Rick’s Impression of Noah’s Altar

17:00 Massive Drogue Stones

19:38 Oldest Known Engraving of Noah’s Ark

21:08 Prophetic Sign of The Ark’s Reappearance

22:51 Ruins of Byzantine Church & the Secondary Altar

24:23 Noah & His Mud Experience

25:53 Location of the Garden of Eden

28:06 Conclusion