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On today’s Q&A No Limits session, we’ve got the Renners in the studio, and they, alongside the Z team provide answers to questions surrounding Gog, Magog, the time for rapture, and concerns regarding the events that took place in Noah’s time and its relationship to the present day. Rick informs us that Noah had three sons, one of whom was named Jephthah who settled in what we know as central Turkey today after the flood. Also, Jephthah bore a son named Magog, which is known today as a town in central Turkey. Going on, Pastor Paul responds to the question seeking to know if rapture can happen at any time. He reveals that surely it can, because we are in the last days of the end times, urging us to make our ways right with the Lord, so as not to be caught unawares. 

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Moving on, Rick reveals that whatever was happening before the time of Noah’s flood will be replicated at the end of the age. This is in response to concerns seeking clarification about the Bible verse that says, “As in the days of Noah, so will it be on the last days”. He goes on to explain that monsters came from the relationship between fallen angels and the daughters of men. These giants then committed bestiality which led to the birth of meaner monsters, whom God punished by putting them in prison, and they’ve been there till today. 

On the other hand, Rick explains what it takes to have staying power, which he reveals to be the supernatural power to stay consistent in one’s faith despite all circumstances; disclosing also that this is the mother of all virtues. Pastor Paul chips into this, disclosing that it’s important we know where we are called to be, and stay there regardless of the difficulties we may encounter Nonetheless, Rick looks at this from another perspective, exposing that enjoying our assignment is not a requirement, but sticking to what God has called us to do will bring us enjoyment afterward. 

In addition, Rick makes us realize that living a sedentary lifestyle can make us prone to depression all the time, but engaging in physical exercise and being in social groups where we constantly interact with others can improve our spiritual alertness and rid us of depression. They further make us realize that we must stay on fire for ourselves and against lawlessness because the coming of the Lord can be at any time. 


0:00 Introduction

02:18 What is Gog and Magog?

09:46 Can the Rapture Happen at any Time?

13:22 Lessons from the Ancient Mirror

16:14 The Last Days & the Days of Noah

25:32 What It Requires to Have Staying Power

31:05 Benefits of Staying Power

32:21 The Mirage of Happiness

34:00 Depression & Burn Out: What You Need to Know

40:43 The Importance of Physical Exercise

43:41 The Future: What We Must Do

47:37 Factors that Contribute to Longevity: Conclusion