Conversation with Greg Loche!

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“There’s a season for everything but quitting”.

Today, on the live broadcast, Joseph Z shares his conversation with Pastor Greg Loche. Pastor Greg takes us through where his ministry is at the moment, and the many endeavors they’re pursuing. He goes on to make us understand that we have more hours in the day than we realize, as such, we must dedicate those hours to reading the Bible and we’ll be surprised at how much we can accomplish.

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Pastor Greg also shares the practice that he and his congregation indulge in, which is reading all the Books of the Bible as many times as possible in a year because according to him; he wants to be saturated in the word of God to a level that every time he speaks, he speaks only the word.

He further reveals that God is not done with us yet and that the Church will rise in new ways because God will weed out the foolishness that abounds in today’s church. He then asserts that the lukewarm churches in America would not survive this year. 


0:00 Introduction

02:58 Who’s Pastor Loche?

05:50 What the Future Looks Like for Pastor Loche

06:39 You’ve More Hours in the Day than You Realize

10:43 Pastor Loche’s Perspective of the Year

11:26 The Sifting & the Lifting

12:00 Pastor Loche's View on America’s Political Future 

13:00 Times & Seasons for Everything but Quitting

14:07 Conclusion