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On today’s prophetic update, Joseph Z shares a piece of News aired on February 22, 2024, reporting solar flare events that occurred, causing many people to witness service outages on their mobile phones. It is yet to be established if this is a cyber attack or a technical glitch, as the government continues with its investigation. Recall that Joseph had earlier prophesied about solar flare occurrences in his live broadcasts of September 12, 2022, and February 23, 2024, which he believes is geared toward getting the nation into a conflict. He goes on to reveal interesting facts about the upcoming April Eclipse, while also revealing the prophetic aspect of it. 

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Also, Joseph revisits his live broadcast of February 29, 2024, where he alerted us about the miracle snowstorm that started to fall, thereby putting out the fire suspected to be headed towards our military nuclear facility in Texas. Before this, in his Breaking Now! broadcast, he informed us about this fire and also prayed that things would not go as the enemies had planned it, and miraculously, the city of Texas witnessed a snowstorm that extinguished the fire. This reaffirms our belief in the prayer of the righteous, which availeth much. He then informs us that God is sending an intervention around the world, and we’re charged to continue to pray and stand with God for more victories to come. 

Joseph further recalls his broadcast with Joni Lamb, where he revealed that this year is a do-over of the year 2020. On the other hand, Joni reveals that the prophetic word, “What happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas”, is a word to the church, meaning that God is allowing everything to come to light, both the good and the bad. According to her, the time is coming when God will hold His church accountable. On the heels of this, God is charging us to humble ourselves in repentance or deal with the shame that will come from the exposure of our ugly mistakes. 


0:00 Introduction

01:23 News Clip on Solar Flare Events 

01:35 Joseph’s Past Prophecies on Solar Flares

05:00 Prophetic Insights into The Upcoming April Eclipse

09:47 Year 2024: A Do-Over of 2020

13:58 Come Up Higher!

14:12 A Threatening Fire & the Miraculous Snowstorm

19:49 What Happens in Vegas Will not Stay in Vegas

22:23 Grace for the Prodigals: A Call to Repentance

26:09 The Lion, the Bear & Goliath

27:14 What will the Church Do with Israel?

28:54 Conclusion