NO Limits QA — Artificial Intelligence the POWER OF GOD’S ECONOMY!!

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In today’s Q&A No Limits session, Joseph brings exposure to artificial intelligence and the power of God’s economy. Joseph begins by responding to concerns raised regarding whether we’re held accountable for every word we speak, revealing that there’s potency to our confessions, especially when our hearts and mouths work together. However, the Book of Mathew 12:36 warns that every word we say will be given account of on the day of judgment. That is to say, we’re cautioned to be wary of certain words we speak, especially in the judgment of others because the measure we give, is the same measure we receive. 

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On the other hand, Heather points out the importance of giving, which she believes is an act of faith that requires total surrender to God trusting that He will take care of whatever situation that may have prompted us into that act of faith. Also, she makes us understand that for every act of giving comes the seed war which tries to steal the joy of giving by reminding us of our dire situation, but if we continue to hold strongly to our faith and belief in God, He will reward us for our trust in Him. By this, Joseph informs us that God will not be mocked, so to say, He responds to every act of faith in ways that we can not comprehend. 

Interestingly, Joseph dives into technology, making us understand that artificial intelligence in itself is not dangerous but the programmer is. Nonetheless, he points out that the disadvantages of AI outweigh the advantages, especially in the area of singularity where the technology becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, creating unforeseeable circumstances for human civilization. Again, Joseph points out the qualities of the sons of Issachar, which are that they knew the signs of the time, what to do in this regard, and, recognized those who were for them. On the heels of this, he urges us to be like the sons of Issachar, to understand the times, do what we can do, and then align with our tribe. In addition, Allison urges us to be like David who although focused on the lion, had his gaze on God; especially in these trying times. 


0:00 Introduction

08:08 Will You be Held Accountable for Idle Words?

15:18 Understanding Giving & Activating Its Benefits

21:02 Whatever You Sow, You Reap

23:22 Artificial Intelligence: Benefits & Dangers

26:16 The Downside of Artificial Intelligence

32:06 The AI Singularity: What You Need to Know

38:33 Revelation 13 & AI

44:10 The Sons of Issachar Anointing

50:10 Fix your Gaze upon God

1:06:11 Conclusion