LUCIFERIAN SYMBOLISM at Super Bowl Taylor Swift!! Gilgamesh Project, MARK OF THE BEAST Quantum DOT!! JZ Clay Clark!

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On this episode of Full Disclosure, Joseph Z and special guest Clay Clark talk about the Luciferian symbolism at the Superbowl, the Gilgamesh project, the mark of the Beast, and the quantum dot. Clay begins by narrating the symbolic events displayed by the artists present, and how they flashed satanic symbolisms for the world to see. He also points out the things that have now come to light since the Superbowl event, one of which is the witches’ magazine which recently got published after the Superbowl and now sells alongside the Times magazine. 

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Also, Clay alerts us about the X demic that is running rampant now, revealing how Elon Musk has adopted X as his new brand. He also points out that the symbol of X is a symbol for explicit content, it is the twenty-second letter of the Greek alphabet and has a numerical value of six hundred, so, xxx represents the 666 symbol. He reveals that it is a satanic symbol used to summon demons while exposing Noah Harari as the forerunner of the antichrist, who is also known to be working on Project Gilgamesh, which is a project geared towards the discovery of immortality. 

Again, Clay reveals that the quantum dot is the name of the Mark of the Beast technology that will be rolled out soon and Elon Musk is the brain behind this, and he is also the most celebrated man in the whole world. We’re also led to believe that Bill Gates partnered with Elon Musk to establish the Open AI, which he described as summoning the demon when asked to explain what the technology does. Interestingly, inside the Covid 19 shot is a technology called the Luciferace, which allows one to see who has been injected through a blue light; so to say, the Mark of the Beast system is being promoted by Elon Musk. More interestingly, Clay shares a social experiment he conducted on who the next president would be, and surprisingly, a lot of people are confessing that Trump is their favorite candidate for the forthcoming US election.