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Who are you running with that’s holding you back from Jesus?

On this Red Church live broadcast, Joseph Z teaches how to discern the times and seasons and recognize who we’re with on our journey. He employs the word of God from the Book of 1 Chronicles 12:32 to demonstrate that the sons of Issachar understood the times to know what Israel ought to do. By this, he makes us understand that revelation, understanding the times, interpretation, knowing what to do, application, and being with the right tribe are necessary tools for those who understand the times. 

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Moving on, Joseph reveals that we can't say the right things to the wrong people, and that’s the easiest way to know the right tribe for us. He makes us understand that we don't know people until we strongly disagree with them, and the people who stay unoffended despite disagreements are usually the right people. He further brings to our understanding that the people we run with are largely responsible for holding us back from embracing Christ. 

Joseph further makes us understand that familiarity breeds contempt and this is why most times, we’re not qualified to minister to people who are close to us but limit us because our words will not hold any importance to them. He explains that we need to find out the people we’re meant to be with and be with them because aligning with the wrong people can create more problems for us. He urges us to be with those who celebrate us and not with those who tolerate us. In addition, he informs us that it’s time for us to come up higher and not be distracted by those who pull us down always without remorse. 


0:00 Introduction

02:24 Understanding the Times & Seasons: 1 Chronicles 12:32

08:03 Tools Needed in Understanding the Times

11:41 Identifying the Right Tribe 

13:00 Knowing Who You’re With

21:38 Who Are You Running With?

27:14 Be Delivered of People

28:48 What’s Your Achilles Heel?

31:46 Revelation 4:1: Come Up Higher!

40:03 Don’t Miss Your Calling 

41:38 Conclusion