Conversation with R.T. Kendall!

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In our Conversational series today, Joseph Z features R.T. Kendall. R.T. shares some thoughts about his recently published book where he shares the thought that “When the word and the spirit come together the greatest move of God in the history of the world will take place”. 

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R.T. reveals that there’s been a silent divorce between the word and the spirit, and in this divorce, there are those on the word side and the spirit side, and the honor of God’s name will not be restored until the two embrace each other. He insists that the church must get back to the reformation, justification by faith, the sovereignty of God, assurance of salvation, and knowing our doctrine, including the restoration of sound theology. 


0:00 Introduction

01:16 Is the Charismatic Movement Ishmael?

06:38 Combination of the Word and the Spirit

08:53 Silent Divorce Between the Word & the Spirit 

09:22 Restoring the Honor of God’s Name 

11:18 Next Agenda on God’s Calendar

11:40 Conclusion