Conversation with David Hernandez!

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“Why don't you believe that I love you and that I plan to do good things in your life”?

In today’s Conversational series, Joseph Z features David Hernandez. David shares what God has called him to do, revealing that he’s been called to go back to the basics, ranging from the preaching of the cross, and the blood of Jesus, to repentance from sin. He observes that anyone who preaches God’s word will encounter a conflict with demonic powers but even though we’re in perilous times, Christ already prepared us with His word and He never told us that the gospel will lose its power as the world gets more difficult.

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Also, David shares insights into his new book, revealing how he struggled with depression, and panic attacks but was not helped by all the deliverance meetings until he realized that all spiritual defeat is rooted in spiritual deception, which means there was still some truth he needed to know and this led to the discovery of his breakthrough.

He further makes us understand that God did not call us from deliverance to deliverance but from glory to glory, and when we understand who we are in God, we come to know that deliverance is a position we need to realize and not a substance we need more of. Again, he reveals that most times, we defeat the demonic oppression in our lives but we still experience the same issues because we don’t walk in obedience to the word of God, which grants us complete freedom and wholeness. 


0:00 Introduction

01:00 The Gospel & Demonic Opposition

01:38 Holy Spirit: Bondage Breaker

07:04 The Roots of Depression

09:27 Causes of Recurring Issues

10:48 Getting Rid of the Extra Things

11:56 Conclusion