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In today’s Conversational series, Joseph Z features Stephen Strang. Stephen shares his story of how he became an evangelical publisher, geared towards empowering Christians globally to radically change their world through God's power. He believes that the “Jesus” and “Charismatic” movement shifted the country in some ways, and there are prophetic voices in the church that have kept the church on its toes. 

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Also, he believes that God has not given up on the US because we have a candidate like Donald Trump who acknowledges the need for God in leadership. He then reveals that anytime there’s truth, or the Lord is doing something good, it attracts a lot of different people, who may not be in support, but we’ve to be strong and not get distracted by the negativity around us.

Stephen further urges us not to be intimidated by the enemy because God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and sound mind; therefore we have to be strong and not pay attention to the haters. 


0:00 Introduction

03:47 The Political & the Prophetic Future

05:19 God has Not Given Up on America

08:00 Rightsizing the Prophetic

10:01 Stephen’s New Target

11:07 Why Pay Attention to the Haters

14:06 Conclusion