PROPHETIC UPDATE—Artificial World EVIL Technology!

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Joseph Z brings insights into the artificial world and evil technology in this prophetic update. He begins by sharing a News clip aired on March 5, 2024, reporting the internet outage experienced worldwide that same day. He goes on to revisit his past broadcast of March 5, 2024, where he revealed that there’s a great sense of change and transition in the air, which will be met by a massive response by darkness but also a good momentum by light. He discloses that the economy will be fixed by oil and that we will see crazy things manifest from AI, more induced UFI narratives, more solar flare news, and signs in heaven. 

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Moving on, Joseph reveals that we will see victory on many fronts because delay is not denial, but God needs our cooperation to work in His church. He also reveals that this is not the end and that unless our Lord Jesus Christ returns, there are significant things that will happen in the coming years. Again, he recalls his past broadcast of December 7, 2023, where he revealed the things that God showed him for 2024. He disclosed that he saw the Roar, the war, and More for the year 2024 and that More will be given to those who have been faithful in their service to God. 

Similarly, he recalled his live prophecy regarding Israel which was aired three weeks before the current war broke out. He also reveals that we will witness more cyber attacks in the coming season but the Lord has promised to raise a standard, bring deliverance, and give people witty ideas to overcome it. On the heels of this, he further revealed that the war that we now witness about Israel will make way for WWIII, however, he urges us to pray to alter the narrative. He further revealed that we will see coastal fires in many ways first in the natural, then in the spirit with revival fires. On that same broadcast, he revealed that there will be land transfers and divine provision for some people in the middle of the economic woes. 

Additionally, Joseph revealed that a great surprise will arise this year and a surprise upset that will make a mark on institutionalism, then there’ll be a purging in the business and political sectors. Also, he revealed that there’ll be ten cities burning at the same time(Decapolis), but this does not have to be if we can rise to pray against these events. He further revealed that judgment will come against WEF, WHO, and the United Nations. Regardless of all these, he assures us that we can stand against all these through prayer. Interestingly, he further reveals that there’ll be another round of freedom technology and uprisings about the water crisis. He then shared his vision about downtime for the US, revivals in the middle of the storm which would give birth to reformers, leading to a New Different America. 


0:00 Introduction

09:12 Victory on Many Fronts

11:52 This is not the End!

17:45 God is Breaking You out of Containment

33:51 Prophecy for 2024: The Roar, the War & More

38:11 The Importance of Intercessory Prayers

39:57 A Year of Land Transfers: Paid-In-Full Victory Time

40:51 More Alien, UFO, UAP Narratives

41:45 Climate Change: A Religious Cult-Life Belief?

45:38 Judgment Against WEF, WHO & UN

50:05 Downtime for the US & A New America

54:33 Conclusion