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“In wrath, remember mercy”.

It’s another episode of the Q&A No Limit Forum, and today you’ll gain insights into times and seasons and the demonic side of transgender. Joseph shares that we’ve gone from a time of grace to mercy, which is a time when we don’t get what we deserve. Although there will be difficulties in this time of mercy, we will not experience the full extent of it because of mercy. 

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Also, he reveals what he sees for this period and the coming season, which is intervention and mercy. He informs us that there is always mercy attached to wrath and difficulties, more like a silver lining behind the clouds. He goes on to inform us that America will either be Nineveh by repenting to repair or go through the fire. On the heels of this, Heather urges us to humble ourselves before God and embrace repentance to repair and be saved. 

Joseph further enlightens us about the dangers involved in falling for the lies of the devil, who although already knew that humans were made in the likeness of God lied to Adam and Eve that they would become like God if they ate the forbidden fruit. He likens this to the gender confusion in the culture today, the lie and deceit that one would live an extraordinary life if one changes oneself is another of the devil’s devices to destroy humanity. 

In addition, Allison urges us once more to know Jesus for ourselves because, on the last day, we will stand before God alone to answer for all that we did and failed to do. Heather further urges us to come alive with the word of God so that we can be a blessing to others while praying for the peace of Jesus over our lives. 


0:00 Introduction

10:37 A Time of Mercy

11:47 Mercy & Intervention

12:55 Habakkuk 3:2: In Wrath Remember Mercy

16:00 Mercy in Difficult Times

17:29 Valley of Decision for the US: Fire or Nineveh

20:55 The Lion, The Bear & Goliath

23:16 Repent to Repair

27:19 Transgender: Devil’s Device to Destroy Man Again

43:14 Prayer & Conclusion