Conversation with Kerrick Butler!

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In today’s Conversational series, Joseph Z features Kerrick Butler. Kerrick shares what God is doing in his ministry at the moment, revealing that we’re supposed to be billboards of God’s goodness and grace, as such we’re the miracles, signs, and wonders; a people called to miracle signs and wonders. 

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Kerrick goes on to share that the best miracles should be in our day because God’s plan for this generation, is far more than we have seen before. He further reveals that this is a year of light, promotion, and exaltation for those who yield to walking in the light. 

He further insists that God will lift people so they can shine the light of Jesus, his love, goodness, and power on the path of this generation. He then shares his work at NRB, revealing the massive number of people who have recently joined the association. 


0:00 Introduction

1:00 A People Called to Miracle, Signs & Wonders

01:39 A Year of Light

2:15 Kerrick and His NRB’s Experience

3:07 The Miracle Experiences

3:51 Kerrick’s Latest Book

4:16 Conclusion