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In this live prophetic broadcast, Joseph Z brings exposure to solar flares, and the Illuminati agenda at the Academy Awards, while also revealing the things that God has shown him in the culture. He goes on to share a clip of the Simpsons which reveals what we’re currently experiencing with the solar flare scenarios recently. Also, he shares another clip alerting us about a solar storm predicted to hit the earth this year or in the year to come. He believes that we’re headed to a cyber pandemic that will be blamed on solar flares and other nations. Interestingly, he shares a clip of the Academy Awards showing how John Cena appeared unclad onstage to present an award to the winner for the best costume design. He believes this is an occultic ceremonial display, carried out as an act of worship to the wicked overlords. 

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Moving on, Joseph alerts us about a spirit at large causing society to come to a collision. He informs us of the importance of recognizing the times we’re in so that we can discern things more accurately to guard ourselves against these activities because we recognize them for what they are. Also, he reveals the towns that the oncoming April eclipse will cover, reminding us of his earlier warnings about the US bowing the knee through fire or Nineveh. He believes that this is an opportunity we must utilize by humbling ourselves before God through repentance. Again, he informs us that we will see more solar flares, cyber pandemics, AI, and a Fall time outcome. He further urges us to watch out for a veiled indecisive plan regarding some political candidates. 

In like manner, he reveals that some changes will be taking place in May and that new characters will be decided upon, but ushered in in August. He also reveals that we’ll see a red October, a dark November, and a fire in 2025. Regardless, he reassures us, reminding us that sorrow may endure for the night but there’s joy in the morning. Once more, he discloses that this year’s do-over is for winning and not for evil to prevail once again, and God requires our cooperation to rescue those who are lost. In addition, he leads us to the Book of John 14:25-27, to inform us that the Holy Spirit will teach us all things, and bring to our remembrance all things which our Lord Jesus has taught us. We’re also further reminded to not let our hearts be troubled nor afraid because Christ has granted us His peace greater than the peace the world gives. 


0:00 Introduction

04:42 A Solar Super Storm Underway?

10:06 The Academy Awards & their Show of Shame

19:51 The April Eclipse: What You Need to Know

22:54 The Signs of Jonah & the Days of Noah

27:27 More Solar Flares, AI & Cyber Pandemic

30:00 Veiled Fall Time Outcome

34:52 May & August: What to Expect

40:50 The Sons of Issachar Anointing 

44:26 John 14:27

51:55 The Peace of Christ 

53:19 Conclusion