THEY’RE TELLING US WHAT THEY WILL DO NEXT!! Georgia Guidestones, Zombies the NEXT 5 YEARS!

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It’s another exposing prophetic broadcast today. Joseph Z sheds light on the Georgia Guidestones, and the zombie apocalypse while sharing a prophecy for the next five years. He begins by sharing a News clip revealing the new disease X, predicted to be worse than COVID-19, with its adverse effects and symptoms resembling that of a zombie. Recall that Joseph had earlier shared in one of his past prophecies that the word “zombies” would be making news soon, and here we are! Also, he revealed in his past prophecy that airplanes will have difficulties, and we’ve recently witnessed major mishaps with airlines. He goes on to alert us about the unfortunate incidents that are happening around certain leaders, especially in the UK Royal family. 

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Again, Joseph brings our attention to the UAP scenarios, revealing that we’ve been marshaled towards a major deception, but believes that there’ll be an ultimate exposure to this, soon.  Also, he alerts us about the Georgia Guidestones, believed to have an agenda to reduce the human population to eight hundred thousand people while uniting humanity with a living new language. In reaction to this, Joseph believes that the demolition of this stone could have been a response from the people, standing up to push back against this agenda, or could be that it’s already in motion.

On the other hand, Joseph reveals that the UFO/UAP scenarios could be a new tech, project blue beam, or real fallen angels using interdimensional abilities to manifest in the physical realm. He also believes that this could also be computer-generated images, using AI to create deceptive scenarios and events. 

Joseph further discloses that there’s a veil over what is to come, but God will bring exposure to some of these things and we shall have clarity over these situations going into the coming years. He further reveals that we will witness near-earth objects, asteroids, and comets moving further into the years, especially leading up to the year 2029. In addition, he leads us to the Book of Luke 21:8-18 to remind us of God’s word, urging us not to be afraid of everything that will happen in the world, as all these must come to pass before the coming of the son of man. 


0:00 Introduction

04:40 Airplane Mishaps: Joseph’s Past Warning about Airlines

08:12 King Charles: What You Need to Know

12:49 The UAP Scenarios

18:42 The Georgia Guidestones: What You Need to Know

32:11 Time Capsule under the Georgia Guidestones?

37:20 Year 2028: What You Need to Know

38:42 The UFOs & UAPs: What You Need to Know

45:27 Elon Musk: Involved in Politics?

49:22 The Asteroid, Near Earth Objects & Comets

51:35 Luke 21:8-28

1:00:10 Conclusion