PROPHETIC UPDATE—Rising Super Intelligence, EXPOSURE by Ryan Garcia, Academy Awards John Cena Ritual, DISNEY CASTL...

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In this prophetic update, Joseph Z alerts us about the rising superintelligence of AI and the spiritual representation of the recent controversial event at the Academy Awards. He begins by sharing a clip showing the super intelligence of a Robot, which was put together by Ryan Garcia. On the heels of this, Joseph recalls his live broadcast of December 31, 2022, where he revealed that AI will soon reach the level of singularity, which is a level where it becomes uncontrollable while informing us that we would hear more of this in years to come. Also, in his live broadcast on March 2, 2024, he provided scriptural exposure to artificial intelligence taken from the Book of Revelation 13:11. 

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Again, in a News clip by CBS News, aired on February 20, 2024, we see that Open AI has launched another technology named “SORA” that takes written prompts and videos all at the same time. What this means is that we’re approaching a world where it will be difficult to tell what is real from what is not. Recall that on July 13, 2023, Joseph prophesied that we would see a rise in conservative media and that people would be able to make their movies from the comfort of their homes. On that same broadcast, he revealed that Disney is not too big to fall and that it’s crumbling and now, we’re seeing from a piece of news aired on February 27, 2024, that Disney has witnessed tremendous damage, as fire engulfed its castle. 

Similarly, Joseph revisits his live broadcast of March 13, 2024, where he alerted us about solar flares, while also sharing a predictively programmed clip from the Simpsons about solar flares. Interestingly, he shared a clip of the Academy Awards showing how John Cena appeared unclad onstage to present an award to the winner for the best costume design. He believes this is an occultic ceremonial display, carried out as an act of worship to the wicked overlords. Also, he revealed the towns that the oncoming April eclipse will cover while reminding us of his earlier warnings about the US bowing the knee through fire or Nineveh. 

In addition, he recalls his live broadcast of March 14, 2024, where he alerted us about the disease X predicted to be worse than COVID-19, with its adverse effects and symptoms resembling that of a zombie. He also revealed that the UFO/UAP scenarios could be a new tech, project blue beam, or real fallen angels using interdimensional abilities to manifest in the physical realm. He believes too, that this could be computer-generated images, using AI to create deceptive scenarios and events. Joseph further disclosed that there’s a veil over what is to come, but God will bring exposure to some of these things and we shall have clarity over these situations going into the coming years. He further revealed that we will witness near-earth objects, asteroids, and comets moving further into the years, especially leading up to 2029.


0:00 Introduction

03:26 Revelation 13:11 & Artificial Intelligence

06:14 Open AI Launches SORA

08:57 Prophecy about Disney & Disney’s Unfortunate Fire Mishap

12:48 Imminent Solar Storm: What You Need to Know

17:31 The Academy Awards & their Show of Shame

21:04 The April Eclipse: What You Must Know

22:30 More Solar Flares: Cyber Pandemic & AI

25:00 The Veiled Fall Outcome: Supernatural Traffic

33:46 Disease X & the Zombie Apocalypse

40:58 The UFO/UAP Scenarios: What You Must Know

49:00 Conclusion