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In this episode of No Limits Forum, Joseph Z brings us a message of hope and encouragement. He shares the word of God from the Book of Revelation 4:1, to inform us that the Lord calls us to a higher walk with him, and we must consistently read the Bible until it starts speaking back to us. He also discloses what he believes will happen in the political sphere and the coming quarters of the year.  He further reveals that there's a great challenge coming, but insists that the Lord will make a way in the middle of it all. Again, he informs us that it’s time to do the impossible, which he believes has to do with taking all that has been stolen from us by faith.

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Also, Joseph informs us that we’re in a time of great change, and we must not relent in pushing forward as the Lord expects us to do. He reminds us that we’re called to be salt and light, which is why we must move forward at all times. Reassuringly, he assures us that God will return all that we’ve lost and that the impossible will meet us and our families in the smoke. He further reassures us, urging us to let not our hearts be troubled, just as the word of God from the Book of John 14:27 commands, because the peace of God abounds for all who believe in Christ Jesus. 

In addition, he insists that we’re coming into a time where provision is going to be supernatural, as such, we will get back everything that the enemy has stolen from us. He then prays for every one of us, declaring supernatural witty ideas to outrun our enemies in the rain. He also releases favor, strength, and healing over our bodies. He further reminds us that God has anointed us to do the impossible and all that seemed like an absolute loss, will be restored.


0:00 Introduction

03:58 Revelation 4:1

09:23 Next Quarters of the Year: What to Expect

14:28 The April Eclipse: End Time Sign

20:38 A Do-Over Year: Time to Do the Impossible

28:32 A Call to Be Salt & Light

30:44 Provision/ Wealth Transfer

34:16 A Return of Lost Treasures

43:36 Last Day Prophetic Assignment

46:22 A Time of Intersection

47:35 John 14:27

51:05 Conclusion