FULL DISCLOSURE - They Are Telling Us What They Will Do Next!

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In this episode of Full Disclosure, Joseph Z, Mario, and Todd alert us about the disastrous situation we’re facing with the open border. Todd expresses concern over how military men and Chinese nationals are trooping into our country through the open border and finds it mind-boggling that our government is allowing this. Joseph also observes that this is the enemy at work but believes that the Lord will raise a standard to this because this situation is a purpose designed to hinder anyone who tries to rise to secure our sovereignty as a nation and the Church of Christ. Sadly, we could see a large number of undocumented people trooping in through the US border, which leads us to believe that this is now an invasion of the US. As we know, the story of history is that of invasion; certain people invade a country and take over the country, leading to the end of one nation and the birth of another. 

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Moving on, Todd observes that this is a lack of discernment and a real understanding of the battle we’re facing, and the church must understand that this is a spiritual battle and should be approached spiritually because the people coming in, do not have respect for our faith and beliefs. Also, Joseph informs us that God has called us to be cultural reformers, believing also that we lack the conviction to push most of these evil occurrences back which is what God expects from us. Mario also observes that the plan is to remove God by erasing gender definitions and borders through open borders and mysticism. Interestingly, they further raise concern over the marriage of technology and satanism. Todd helps us understand the concept of CERN, revealing the symbolism embedded in CERN’s logo and activities. 

Also, Joseph throws more light on CERN’s activities, revealing that CERN is possibly opening up interdimensional portals, which have ultimately introduced demonic beings from other dimensions into our physical realm. Again, they interpret the meaning of post-modernism, what it represents, and the evil role it now plays in the culture, which is the destruction of Western civilization. Todd comments on this, revealing that the battle we now face is the same as the battle we faced in the Garden of Eden where the devil took the upper hand by deception. In like manner, the devil is going after the young ones, taking away their logic and sense of identity, and we must fight him with the word of God because only the word of God can defeat the devil. On the other hand, Joseph reveals that postmodernism is the exaltation of mankind in place of God, and this has led to the slavery of a culture. 

Additionally, they share a clip from Noah Harari detailing the future of AI and the impact it will have on mankind. Todd discloses that AI is the biggest expanse of knowledge the world has ever experienced, and with Supercomputers, China is creating a file on every American, but believes that the Anointing Intelligence will neutralize the war that AI now wages against humanity. Interestingly, Joseph reveals that AI is the Antichrist, as revealed in the Book of Revelation 13, but assures us that the Antichrist spirit will not prevail against the Church. In conclusion, Mario informs us that we have the power to make a difference. Joseph agrees with this, reminding us that on a bad day, we’ve been called to be the very best there is. Todd also believes that God has brought us together for such a time as this and no matter what the enemy throws at us, God has empowered us with the right weapons to defend our nations and the Church.