Red Church—The Prophetic and the Office of the Prophet!

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In this Red Church broadcast, Joseph Z teaches about the prophetic and gifting. He brings to our knowledge that gifting can take one to the top, but it’s one’s character that can sustain it. He points out that the difference between prophesying and the office of prophecy is responsibility. In the office of the prophet, we see a responsibility to edify and equip the body of Christ. He also acknowledges that some giftings can be passed through DNAs, but the body of Christ is divided into three segments with a total of twenty-one gifts. 

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Also, he informs us that the natural is first, followed by the spiritual, and we have to do corresponding actions in the natural to align with the spiritual. He discloses that the ways to grow in the spirit of prophecy is to speak in tongues and read the Bible, because when we spend a copious amount of time reading the word of God, the gifts he blessed us with, begin to manifest. 

Again, Joseph reveals that there are four different flows of the prophetic, and they are: Roeh, Nabi, Chazeh, and Choseh. He further instructs that Revelation, Interpretation, and Application are the shaping filter for the prophetic. In addition, he explains that prophets are forged in fire because there are lots of difficult roles to pass through to master the experience.