Conversation with Carl Anderson!

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It’s another episode of our conversational series, and today, Joseph Z features Carl Anderson. Carl shares details about his newly published book, which was inspired by his battle with cancer, entailing also, how God appeared to him in a vision to reveal several treatments for his ailment and disclosed the one that is best for him.  

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Also, he informs us that prophecy comes from Jesus, because He is the spirit of prophecy, who appears to us in various ways through prophecy. He then shares his call to media missionary, how it started, and how far he has gone with his media series. He further shares what he sees in the culture, revealing that once in a while in history the Lord steps into our realms, and sends things like earthquakes because of a reaping of sin that’s been sown in an area over time.

Again, he charges us to get on our knees and repent of our sins to evade the punishment due to our sins, as a people and as a nation. He further shares his experience at Michael Skellig’s Island, where men and women of God visited for seven hundred years in secret and in succession to worship the Lord and meditate on His word continuously. In addition, he shares what’s next on his agenda. 


0:00 Introduction

01:37 Carl’s Vision & His Healing Experience

02:51 Carl’s View of the Prophetic

04:10 Carl’s Call To Media Missionary

06:06 God’s Way of Expressing Distaste for Sin

07:57 America & the Valley of Decision

09:19 What We Must Do as A People

10:02 Carl’s Experience at Michael Skellig Island

13:09 Conclusion