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In today’s live broadcast, get a glimpse of the future, as Joseph Z shares prophecies for this season and the coming years while availing us a sneak peek at his newly published book, “Demystifying the Prohetic”. He begins by sharing a clip of the Boeing Whistleblower’s interview, who is now rumored to be dead after his revealing interview. Another clip also confirms what the Boeing whistleblower earlier exposed, revealing that most of the recently built aircraft are not fly-worthy because of major engineering issues that were carelessly ignored.  Interestingly, Joseph shares tiny details in his newly published book, “Demystifying the Prophetic”, which entails discerning the times, differentiating between real and false prophets, and how to activate a clear-minded prophetic lifestyle, mastering your dreams, visions, revelation, and how to react when you encounter strange entities. 

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In like manner, Joseph discloses that the April Eclipse is a sign of the times; revealing that we’re going into the time of Jonah and Nineveh, as well as the days of Noah. Also, he insists once more that this is a year of do-overs, as we see certain events of the past happening at present. Recall that Joseph prophesied in 2020 that a heavyweight fighter would come out of retirement, and now, we’re hearing news about a future reappearance of Tyson in the boxing ring. What’s more, he reveals that America is like Nineveh during the days of Jonah, and we’re in a valley of decision right now, to repent to repair. Further, he makes more revelations, revealing that he sees the words: ocean, satellites, hacking, shortages, internet, and outages making news soon.  He also believes that these events will become an excuse for a tech takeover. 

Additionally, he further reveals that we will hear hundreds of satellites falling, and more solar flare events, which will prepare the grounds for a savior, who would appear to have answers to these issues, thereby using that opportunity to start his own network company. Once more, he leads us to the Book of Exodus 23:20-30, which reassures us of God’s promise to send an angel to us, to keep us in all our ways, and to bring us the place that He has prepared for us. Further into the text cautions that we beware of the angel, not provoke him, and obey his voice; for he will not pardon our transgressions because God’s name is in Him. He then reminds us that we’re born for this time and the spirit of the Lord will make a great way for us to advance multiply and cut down the powers of darkness. 


0:00 Introduction

02:39 Boeing’s Whistleblower Found Dead?

16:55 Elon Musk & Recent Developments with OpenAI

21:08 The April Eclipse: Sign of the Times

25:27 2024: Year of Do-Overs

35:35 Times of Jonah & the Days of Noah

40:24 Ocean, Satellites, Shortages, Internet & Outages

49:00 Exodus 23:20-31

1:01:47 Conclusion