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In this live broadcast, follow the trail of the BRICS prophecy, the Elon & Don Lemon collision, weather tampering, and the bizarre exhibit by the WEF Shaman. Joseph Z begins by sharing a clip detailing the conversation between Elon Must and Don Lemon while also sharing some insights into his recently published book, “Demystifying the Prophetic”. This book provides answers to concerns regarding the voice of God, the prophetic spectrum, different types of prophecy, hereditary gifting, dark powers, strange encounters, counterfeit anointing, the office of the prophet, the prophet's reward, and much more. Pre-orders can be placed at

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Moving on, Joseph shares an interesting update about the BRICS nation. Recall that he had earlier prophesied that they would take a step forward mightily this year, but would be met by an epic failure. On the heels of this, he reveals that the BRICS lack resources to back up their supposed currency as they’ve claimed, and this may be a step forward towards the epic failure that Joseph prophesied about. Also, he reveals that we may experience weather tampering that will put Trump’s government in a bad light if he wins at the polls in the forthcoming election. 

In like manner, Joseph further alerts us about the extremes of weather manipulations and how this poses a danger to society, as it can be used as a mechanism of control. Interestingly, we see the WEF shaman putting up a show at a recent WEF gathering. Again, he reveals that we will see notable and monumental crashes with airplanes while also insisting that satellite and cyber issues will make the news soon. Nonetheless, we’re assured of God’s protection during these times, because the joy of the Lord is our strength. 


0:00 Introduction

10:36 Update on the BRICS Nations

12:00 Joseph’s Past Prophecy about the BRICS Nation

15:37 The US Political Future: What You Need to Know

18:24 Weather Manipulation: What You Need to Know

24:33 The WEF Shaman

32:26 More Issues with Airlines, Satellites & Cyber Hacking

38:13 Economical Update: Bitcoin, CBDC

53:52 Conclusion