Upcoming Journey to the REAL Noah’s Ark with Rick Renner & Joseph

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In today’s conversational series, Joseph Z features Rick Renner. Rick shares the events that took place before the days of the flood, revealing that sensationalism was the order of the day before the flood and it’s being replicated now but will be replicated more as we draw closer to the end of the age. He also shares the location of the ruins of Noah’s Ark while disclosing that it’s exactly as the Bible has described it. 

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Rick further enlightens us about the emergence of the fallen angels and the sordid events that led to their fall. He explains that although every being was supposed to go after its kind, the activities of the fallen angels kickstarted the population of the world with different beings, monsters, and giants. He likens this to the transgender ideology that is now ravaging our culture down to the mix-breeding of humans and pigs. In addition, Rick explains the meaning of the word, “Ecclesia” and how it came about, revealing that they were the dominant force of the city during ancient times. 


0:00 Introduction

1:37 The Ruins of Noah’s Ark: Location

03:00 Events Before the Flood Replicated

03:06 History of the Fallen Angels

05:19 A Breed of Humans & Pigs?

07:08 Find Your Tribe to Find Your Calling

07:23 The Ecclesia: What You Need to Know

10:42 Conclusion