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In today’s prophetic update, Joseph Z alerts us about the ATF investigation regarding illegal arms dealings by Malinowski, who allegedly sold guns without proper license, six of which were recovered in separate crimes. He revisits his broadcast of January 2, 2024, where he informs us there will be intense exposure to unrighteousness while disclosing that the Lord will awaken all who have been in slumber. Also, he revisits his broadcast of March 19, 2024, where he alerts us about a whistleblower who revealed the illegalities that took place at Boeing, which eventually led to his death because of his honest exposure. He further informs us that the April 8 Eclipse is a sign of the times because of many significant occurrences associated with it. 

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What is more, Joseph reveals we’re going into the time of Jonah and Nineveh, as well as the days of Noah. Also, he insists that this is a year of do-overs, as we see certain past events happening at present. Recall that Joseph prophesied in 2020 that a heavyweight fighter would come out of retirement, and now, we’re hearing news about a future reappearance of Tyson in the boxing ring. Once more, he reveals seeing the words: ocean, satellites, hacking, shortages, internet, and outages making news soon.  He also believes that these events will become an excuse for a tech takeover. Again, he informs us that we will hear news about hundreds of satellites falling, and more solar flare events, which he believes will prepare the grounds for a savior, who appears to have answers to these issues, thereby using that opportunity to start his own network company.

Furthermore, Joseph recalls his broadcast of March 20, 2024, where he drew our attention to the weather manipulation that is fast becoming the order of the day, which he believes is a mechanism of control. Interestingly, we see the WEF shaman putting up a show at a recent gathering of the WEF. What’s more, he reveals that we may experience weather tampering that will put Trump’s government in a bad light if he wins at the polls in the forthcoming election. He further urges us to be aware of the extremes of weather manipulations and how this poses a danger to society, as it can be used as a major mechanism of control. In addition to this, he reveals that we will see notable and monumental crashes with airplanes while also insisting that satellite and cyber issues will make the news soon. Nonetheless, we’re assured of God’s protection during these times, because the joy of the Lord is our strength.


0:00 Introduction

02:20 Airline Issues: Boeing Whistleblower

04:48 April 8 Eclipse: Sign of the Times

10:08 Satellite Issues, Cyber Hacking & Outages

18:38 Weather Manipulation: What You Need to Know

24:44 The Hilarious Show of WEF Shaman

27:55 The US Political Future: What You Need to Know

32:43 Airlines & Aircraft Crashes

34:13 More Satellite & Solar Flare Issues

38:26 The Economic: What You Need to Know

46:59 Conclusion