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It’s another episode of the Q&A No Limits forum, and today, Joseph Z shares insights into his quest to visit Noah’s ark, and details of his early years of prophetic calling while Heather shares her near-death experience and a glimpse of what heaven looks like. He enlightens us about Nineveh and the period of mercy given to them to repent or be destroyed in forty days. He relates this to their visit to Noah’s ark, which will last for forty days beginning from the day of the April eclipse to the day of their return. Interestingly, they will also tour the Biblical seven churches during their trip to Noah’s ark, which he believes to have a prophetic significance. He further informs us that the assignment is to bring the Lord into remembrance of what He did for Noah and his family, in the belief that He will do the same for us and our various families. 

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Moving on, Heather believes that this time of Noah is a time of preservation and mercy, confirming what the Lord showed Joseph about the US going from the season of grace into a time of mercy; which he believes will start with the eclipse season. On the other hand, Joseph reveals that there will be protection for people, supernatural provisions, and land transfers. Also, he shares the age he realized he has a gift of prophecy, revealing how he experienced Samuel’s kind of calling where he heard his name many times thinking it was his dad calling on him but it wasn’t. This proceeded to encounters, and visions which made him more aware of his gifts after a series of training and rightsizing. 

More interestingly, Heather shares the near-death experience she had, revealing that there’s no fear, in death. She also shares seeing people who had already left this world on the other side of transition, and blades of grass that were so captivating that she was compelled to go closer and surprisingly found herself there by the speed of thought. Miraculously, she died with a broken neck but was healed completely when she came back to life. Reassuringly, Joseph informs us that God wants us to win more than we do, and no matter what we're dealing with, God’s spirit is upon us. Heather then prays, taking authority over everything going on in our lives; also releasing God’s peace and encouragement over our lives. 


0:00 Introduction

12:05 Come Up Here! Come Up Higher!

13:35 Nineveh or Fire for America

18:35 Visit to Noah’s Ark and the Seven Churches

21:16 Anointing for Preservation

34:20 Give Up to Go Up!

36:50 Four Times more!

38:37 Joseph’s Prophetic Calling: Moment of Realization

41:12 Heather’s Near-Death & Heaven Experience

57:34 Prayer & Conclusion