The Wind of Change Is Here!

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“Don’t grow weary in well-doing”.

In this live broadcast, Joseph Z makes revelations about the next season, disclosing that the wind of change is here. He informs us that there’s been a national and international adjustment that’s going on, a spiritual collision of nations, as such it’s about time we stood and preached the gospel. He insists that there are political and economic changes happening. Still, it’s not the end because the Lord is making a great way of understanding and establishing in the middle of all that’s going on. 

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In like manner, Joseph informs us that God is making a way now. He leads us to the Book of Jeremiah 29:12, and Jeremiah 33:3, which reminds us of God’s invitation to call to Him and He will show us great and mighty things we do not know. He further reassures us of a seasonal breakthrough that will enlighten the eyes of our understanding. Again, he reminds us that the US will go through a downtime, but there will be reformation in the storm which will lead to a new America, different from what we’re used to. He further alerts us that God is taking us through a wind of change, a new season that will lead us to the discovery of our purpose, where provision, revelation, and endurance are made available to us.

Furthermore, Joseph reveals that the one percenters are coming, who are true, clear-eyed, and clear-minded reformers that will lead us to a higher level. On the heels of this, he reveals that we will begin to see a new form of technology, and grassroots movement that will accelerate the gospel in these dark times. He then discloses that things will not go as planned for those who work toward the damnation of our nation, because the one percenters are rising now to raise a million for a billion. He also informs us that God is bringing change, but requires us to call to Him and He will answer, as well as show us great things that we do not know. He then brings to our knowledge that it is the glory of God to conceal a matter,  but it’s the glory of kings to search out a matter; while explaining the spiritual interpretation of the Book of Amos 3:7.


0:00 Introduction

04:24 The Wind of Change is Here!

09:39 Jeremiah 29:12 & Jeremiah 33:3

14:01 One More Round for Generational Purpose

15:41 Don’t go Weary in Well Doing: Come Up Higher

20:47 Timeline for the US: Revival in the Storm

25:49 The One-Percenters are Coming

28:25 Fathers of Restoration & Grassroots Movement

30:38 The BRICS Movement: What You Need to Know

37:05 Call To Me and I’ll Answer

37:33 Proverbs 25:2 & Amos 3:7

49:49 Conclusion