Demon Face Syndrome Rapture Predictions!!

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Get a glimpse of the demon face syndrome on today’s live broadcast, as Joseph Z presents a prophetic outlook on this demonic syndrome while bringing clarity to rapture predictions. He begins by sharing a clip showing the demon face syndrome, which is a syndrome that distorts the shape, texture, position, and color of people’s faces, with grotesque, grimaced, elongated eyes, and pointed ears. Interestingly, we would learn that there are over seventy-five cases of this demonic syndrome worldwide. Moving on, Alison believes this to be predictive programming, citing how there were filters on Snapchat with a mask feature that was in fashion before the emergence of COVID-19 in 2019, which came with compulsory instructions about wearing the mask to stay safe. 

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Joseph further confirms the dangers of predictive programming, making us understand that what we listen to, meditate on, and constantly consume becomes our reality in the future. That is to say, anything that’s pushed before our eyes for our consumption, over and over again is not just predictive programming but a form of brainwashing. In other words, if something is preached long enough through media, or any other means, becomes manifested or becomes the reality of those who consume it. Again, he brings to our knowledge that sin doesn't come out of the blue but out of our thoughts, and if we don’t take control of that thought, it becomes our reality. 

In like manner, he leads us to the Book of Romans 7:21-23 to explain further that what we think about in our minds will eventually manifest in the natural. He informs us that the only way to escape sin and not be ruled by evil thoughts is to get the word of God into our hearts. On the heels of this, Alison reminds us that a lot is going on in the world. If we continue on the path of consuming whatever information appears on our social media feeds, instead of the word of God, we become victims of the culture. 

What’s more, Joseph urges us to stand our ground in admonishing people who are going the wrong path, with love and mercy. More importantly, he reminds us that the only way to God the Father is through His son Jesus Christ, who was sent to earth to give up His life for our sake. He urges us to repent of our evil ways, recognize Jesus as our savior, and call upon His name that we may be saved. He further cautions that it’s not enough to believe in God but to also believe in His son whom He sent to deliver us from eternal damnation. 


0:00 Introduction

03:50 The Demon Face Syndrome

06:40 Explanatory Clip of The Demon Face Syndrome

10:40 Predictive Programming: What You Need to Know

13:31 Dangers of Predictive Programming

18:20 You Can’t Be Tempted by What You’re Not Thinking About 

20:09 Romans 7:21-23

23:30 Guard Your Heart with God’s Word

35:24 The Simpson’s Prediction of Rapture

40:19 The Only Way to God the Father

43:16 God is not Mad at You

49:08 Conclusion