Joseph Z w/ Special Guest Pastor Brian Gibson!

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“You will live and not die, and you will declare the works of the Lord”.

On today’s live broadcast, we have a special guest, Pastor Brian Gibson in the studio, with Joseph Z. Pastor Brian reveals what he sees for the year 2024, disclosing that this year will be a year of the first few verses of Matthew 24 because there’ll be wars and rumors of war. He further reveals seeing hell in the streets and heaven in the church, alongside April showers which will shake May’s powers. He discloses that God will pour out His spirit in April, and there will be revivals in the church and a shaking of powers in May. Also, he discloses that May will not only be a month of exposure and great revivals but also, a great exposure. 

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In like manner, Pastor Brian shares his intercessory prayer experience, and how God intervened in Amarillo’s wildfire by sending heavy snow which extinguished the fire and abated the damage that the unfortunate incident would have caused. He then reveals what he sees for the nation, revealing that the recent bridge collapse represents a collapse of the blessings and the favor of God, insisting that it’s a prophetic warning that we must heed, by making amends where necessary. He further shares what he thinks about the April 8 eclipse, revealing that God is waving the pre-attention flag and that the US must be like Nineveh, heed the warning of repentance beginning from the leaders, down to the least persons in the US. 

Further, Pastor Brian informs us that Jesus is not just the lamb, we must recognize too that He is also the Lion of the tribe of Judah. On the heels of this, he urges us to be fearless, and bold to confront the times. He urges us also, to let our lives be Christ’s; for when we learn where our place is in Christ, the spirit of fear deserts us. Interestingly, he shares what his next project is, revealing also the revivals that have taken place so far that led to the raising of two people from the dead. He then concludes with a prayer and individual words of prophecies. 


0:00 Introduction

01:11 Pastor Brian’s Vision for 2024

03:50 Pastor Brian’s Intervention Anointing

08:45 Intervention for the Nation

12:46 April 8 Eclipse: PAstor Brian’s Point of View

16:38 Jesus is not just the Lamb

21:41 Prophetic Words for Pastor Brian

24:25 Pastor Brian’s Next Project & Miraculous Testimonies

36:25 Pastor Brian's Prayer & Prophesy

42:29 Conclusion