Joseph Z w/ Special Guest Mario Murillo!

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In today’s live broadcast, Joseph Z features Mario Murillo. Mario shares his experience with the Crusades organized by his ministry, revealing how the disappointment he experienced with his venue in one of them, turned into a blessing in disguise. He cautions that we do not sleep through the harvest, but rise to the occasion to go out there and make disciples of all nations, especially in these desperate times when people are in dire need of God. 

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Mario also shares the miraculous rescue his evangelical team carried out on the street of Phoenix, where a homeless nursing mother was rescued on a particular day when she wanted to give her baby away. On the heels of this, he informs us about the dire need for workers in God’s vineyard. Also, he reveals that the Lord is restoring the genuine in the prophetic space because truth is what sets us free.

In like manner, he shares his evangelical experience with the Jesus movement and several others in the past, while informing us that a great harvest is ahead while urging us to prepare for the social tide that will turn back to God. Moving on, he discloses that America deserves judgment because of the ugly path it’s toeing, and God is willing to humble America and in this punishment, God is also able to save her from destruction and her enemies if she heals through the fire. 

Further, Mario informs us that the prophet’s principal occupation is to call out the sins of the culture, and having true prophets of God is beneficial to the repentance of a people because one false teacher inside the church is worse than a thousand persecutors outside the church. He then concludes with a prayer of blessings and healing over our lives. 


0:00 Introduction

06:15 Don’t Sleep Through the Harvest

07:39 Testimony on the Street of Phoenix

10:13 The Lord is Restoring the Genuine

11:57 Preparing for Where We’re Headed

17:22 God’s Decision to Save America

23:00 Repent to Repair or Repentance Through Fire

30:47 Prayer & Conclusion