Prophetic Update!—Why did the News Called this a Mass Casualty Event? WHAT WILL THEY DO NEXT!!

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“I’m preparing you for a day when assets will flow, oil jars won’t run out, fish and bread will multiply, and when mamon will reign, but will be destroyed by the word of God”. 

In today’s prophetic broadcast, Joseph Z shares a detailed clip of the Francis Scott Key bridge collapse. He recalls his live broadcast of March 13, 2024, where he prophesied and prayed against the demonic spirit seeking mass casualty over the nation, which came to mind after the tragedy of the recent bridge collapse. Also, he revisits his broadcast of October 4, 2021, where he revealed that there would be ship activities in the sea and hoped it would not be a Trojan horse for military activities. On that same broadcast of March 26, 2024, he took us back to his earlier prophetic broadcast aired on December 31, 2020, where he revealed that the shipping industry would witness some adjustments, exposing there would be sinking vessels, and explosives with sea vessels. 

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Moving on, Joseph reveals an interesting fact about the bridge collapse, which is the lack of information on the individuals aboard the Dali vessel. He also believes that this bridge collapse was a tactical move because leadership changed hands immediately after this and the location of this mishap, also depicts a sinister plan to induce goods shortages. Recall also that Joseph has long warned about more cyber hacks and future cyber attacks. On the heels of this, he believes that this unfortunate event could have been powered by a cyber hack or attack. He further insists that this attack is an assault on the US. He further reveals the name of the ship to be “Dali”, which means “drawn up of God or drawn towards God”. He interprets this to be a “Nineveh” moment that demands us to draw up to God in repentance. 

Similarly, he discloses that these incidents will not only induce shortages but also cause military weakness. He further exposed that we will see more of the word, “Decapolis, more trojan horse attacks and cyber issues that will be blamed on solar flares; therefore, we must hearken to the call of repentance. In like manner, he reveals there’ll be an uncovering and a plan to usher in more chaos economically, especially in the area of shipping, and airlines. He further exposes that May will be more revealing, and God is calling on America to come back to Him. He then prays for exposure, praying also against any trojan horse agenda; further reminding us that it is time for us to realize that we’re being struck but we need to turn and be drawn to God. Reassuringly, he declares favor, victory, and the goodness of God over us all in the land of the living. 

Furthermore, Joseph revisits his broadcast of March 28, 2024, where he revealed that more quaking and natural disasters will manifest, but the spirit of the Lord will intercept all wicked plans and activities. He urges us to sow a good seed into our future through obedience, good works, and humility; while assuring us that Jesus is bringing light to us. Interestingly, he informs us that the next plan will be pretenders who would flood the church to chisel out the truly effective ones. He urges us to step into the fullness of what God has for us through prayer, and reading the word of God. Once more, he reveals that there’ll be empowerment of prophets, and evangelists, alongside a unification of prophets and teachers. He further declares a supernatural return on all that has been stolen from us, for there’ll be a great buoyancy in the middle of darkness and difficulty. 


0:00 Introduction

02:13 Joseph’s Past Prophecies & Prayer Against Mass Casualties

10:10 The Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse: A Cyber Issue?

17:23 Decapolis & Multiple Incidents at Once

23:55 Message for America: Repent to Repair

27:27 God Will Not Leave or Forsake You

34:59 Arise Shine for your Light is Come!

42:05 Step into the Fullness of God’s Plan for You

46:44 Supernatural Yoke-Breaking Empowerment

53:38 More Turmoils & Challenges

1:04:12 Dali: A Prophetic Message to America