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In this Red Church broadcast, Joseph Z informs us that we’re coming into a time of great challenge graced with great ability. He leads us to the Book of 1 Chronicles 12:32 to elaborate on the importance of discerning the signs of the times, knowing what to do at every point, and having the right alignment with the right tribe to execute the plans. On the heels of this, he makes us understand that when we understand the signs of the times, know what to do about it, and have the right alignment, we become an unstoppable force. 

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Also, Joseph brings to our knowledge that the safest place for us to be is where God has called us to be. He leads us to the Book of Isaiah 10:27 to explain that the anointing oil destroys the yoke over our necks. Again, he instructs that finding our tribe will enable us to find our calling or purpose. On the other hand, he reveals that the US will witness a downtime alongside a time of darkness, and a Tornado where the shelter is built in the middle of the storm and everyone who runs to it is safe. Interestingly, this will lead to the birth of revival and reformation by the young lions and Cinderellas. 

Joseph further reveals that we’re in a valley of decision as a nation, revealing that there will be war, roar, and an open door in 2024. He also reveals that there will be land favors, because of do-overs while disclosing the economic picture of the US in the coming season. He discloses that the coming year will be filled with challenges and fire, thus the US needs to repent to repair. He reminds us once more, that we’re in a valley of decision, thus, this is our time to draw closer to God because He wants our cooperation to win over darkness. 


0:00 Introduction

01:36 Discerning the Times & Seasons

05:30 1 Chronicles 12:32 

10:53 The Power of Understanding the Times

12:20 Come Up Higher!

18:52 Isaiah 10:27: The Anointing Destroys the Yoke

19:48 How to Know Your Tribe

28:04 Dowtime for the US & a Time of Reformation

36:23 Clock of EVents for 2024 

43:20 Fire & Challenges in 2025

44:16 Repent to Repair

47:44 Conclusion