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Today on the live broadcast, Joseph Z shares a message of hope about the Lord bringing a moment of victory in the middle of a collision. He informs us that we’re going into a time of national endurance while reminding us about his earlier vision of a downtime for the US and a tornado with a shelter in the middle of it which will herald revival and reformation. He also reveals what he sees about the word, “Volkswagon” which may be related to a person, place, or situation. He then reveals that May will be pivotal in the areas of tech decisions, oil platforms, and more airline issues. 

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Moving on, Joseph reminds us that we’re in the days of Noah, which has greatly influenced his decision to visit the main location of Noah’s Ark. Also, he shares what he sees about mountains representing nations burdened with challenges, nations engaging other nations, and events like a windstorm alongside moments of fire. He further discloses that there will be events after the eclipse, exposure of ties, bribery, and corruption that will come to the forefront. 

Nonetheless, he assures us that sorrow may last for the night but joy comes in the morning. Therefore, we must endure to the end to witness victory. He insists that we will have one more round, which will require us to win for things to fall into place or risk having more challenging years to deal with. More importantly, he prays for exposure to everyone sabotaging the prosperity of this nation. 


0:00 Introduction

08:40 The Secret Place

10:04 National Endurance

11:43 The Lord Wants to Rescue America

12:41 The Volkswagon: What You Need to Know

14:00 Exposure: Tech Decisions, Airline Issues

17:15 Vision about Mountains: What You Need to Know

19:41 April Eclipse: The Aftermath

21:34 Joy Comes in the Morning

24;23 Next Quarters of the Year: What to Expect

32:55 Conclusion