Walk in your Prophetic Destiny!

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Can you righteously fulfill your desires?

In today’s prophetic broadcast, Joseph Z teaches us how to walk in our prophetic destiny. He leads us to the Book of Isaiah 10:27 to remind us about the yoke-breaking anointing. He interprets anointing to mean growth, fatness, or maturity. He explains that yoke breaking can go from 30, 60 to 100; where 30 represents the point where our burden becomes lighter, at 60, we begin to be aware of our vision while at 100, we become completely free. At this point, we begin to fulfill our prophetic destiny and mature in God’s word, with the right people and places.

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In like manner, Joseph establishes that in life, we’ve got a purpose and an allocated time to accomplish it. We do this by reading the Bible daily, staying out of offense and wrong relationships; as well as faithfulness in service to those whom God has assigned to our path. He further makes us understand that what we do here on earth determines where we will be in the afterlife. Once more, he brings to our knowledge that there's something inside of us that God has called us to do and without the Holy Ghost, our best is not enough.

Joseph further makes us understand that our desires are not bad, if we can fulfill them righteously according to God’s purpose. Interestingly, he makes us realize that the enemy of our destiny most times can be a good life, or a good job because they can be distractions from what God has called us to do. After all, we’ve been cautioned to seek God’s kingdom first, and everything else shall be added unto us. 


0:00 Introduction

03:47 Isaiah 10:27: The Yoke-Breaking Anointing

07:01 What is Anointing? 

11:58 Steps to Freedom from Yoke

13:48 Understanding Your Prophetic Destiny

15:37 Working Through Your Time & Purpose

19:44 Without the Holy Ghost, Your Best is not Enough

22:23 Can You Fulfil Your Desires Righteously?

24:14 The Constraints of Time in the Fulfilment of Our Destiny

29:49 Conclusion