7.5 EarthQuake—CERN Turning back ON! Nasa says to watch for strange events—Stand in Faith!

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In the live broadcast today, Joseph Z brings our attention to the 7.5 Earthquake that caused the collapse of buildings, an update on CERN’s recent activities, and NASA’s warning about upcoming strange events. He begins by sharing a clip of the devastating effects caused by the 7.5 earthquake that occurred in Taiwan.  He reveals that we’re moving towards a time of great change, what with the recent bridge incident in the US and the 7.5 Earthquake that has just hit Taiwan. Moving on, he shares another clip showing NASA’s warning about the occurrence of strange events following the upcoming April 8 solar eclipse. 

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Interestingly, we see another clip about CERN, detailing how they’re admitting beings from other dimensions into the physical realm, through their unrelenting experiments with portals into other dimensions. Also, he leads us to believe that we will be economically at a crossroads in 2025. Likewise, he discloses that there will be a pivotal response in May, because it will come with favor, alongside a lot of uncovering and exposure.  He further exposes what to expect in the coming quarters of the year politically and economically. He then insists that 2025 will be a year of fire, followed by picking up sticks in 2026.

In like manner, Joseph observes that although the wicked are protected right now, and there are difficulties worldwide, the Lord assures that he will project us further for His namesake and glory. He then urges us to do everything that God has called us to do because it will protect us from the enemy. Also, he urges those who do not know what to do, to get busy with all they know to do while reading the word, and praying in the spirit; in a short while, God will align them with where they’re supposed to be. He further prays for everyone, declaring peace that passes all understanding, strength, and victory over us all.


0:00 Introduction

02:43 NASA’s Warning About April Eclipse

07:07 April 8 Eclipse: A Prophetic Sign

09:10 CERN & their Strange Experimentations

11:54 Revelation 9:1-11: The Bottomless Pit

14:21 Economic Meltdown in 2025

14:54 Pivotal Response and Uncovering in May

16:13 The Year, Round the Clock: What You Need to Know

18:40 2025 & 2026: Years of Fire & Picking Up Sticks

20:22 Wicked Leaders Propelled by Demonic Aid

23:43 Come Up Higher!

30:00 Conclusion