Conversation w/ Lance Wallnau!

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It’s a new episode of our conversational series, and today, Joseph Z features Lance Wallnau. Lance shares what he sees in the culture, observing how dangerous the trans ideology has become, and how children are being pulled away from their parents by the woke culture. He discloses that God is deliberately agitating the problem, so the church can go deeper into the roots to rectify what has gone wrong in the culture. 

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Also, he discloses that there’s a culture war with the forces of hell on seven different fronts at present, and the culture war is a spiritual war, a proxy war between heaven and hell; thus the contours are getting clearer. However, he points out a vacuum in our worldview that needs to be articulated in the language of those whose souls we are trying to win. That is to say when we are up against someone who is against the Bible, using the Bible to win their soul will not be a wise step to take but to use the arguments of the Holy Spirit to persuade them. 

Once more, Lance uses some scenarios in the Superbowl to reveal that God may be communicating to the church that our unity, even in a small capacity has greater power to bind the devil’s plans than we realize. He further brings to our knowledge that the Ecclesia is the legislative body of heaven on earth, hence,  we’re supposed to go where the gates of hell are located. He urges us to ask God to direct our paths to areas where our influence and voices are greatly needed, to take territory. He then urges us to be strong and courageous because it’s time to cross over. 


0:00 Introduction

01:20 The US & her Cultural Woes

03:41 Is There a Turn for America?

04:40 Culture War with the Forces of Hell

06:37 The Vacuum in our Worldview

07:17 Employing the Arguments of the Spirit

08:52 The Prophetic Message in the Superbowl 

11:28 Conclusion