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In this prophetic update, follow the trail of the recent 7.4 Taiwan Earthquake, NASA’s warning about the upcoming April 8 solar eclipse, and the current CERN activities. Joseph Z revisits his live broadcast of February 13, 2023, where he revealed that the more we see dramatic earthquakes, the more the signs are increasing for revivals, calamity, false flags, and the uncovering of the antichrist agenda; because earthquakes are signs of a collision of kingdoms. He also revealed an increase in these major monumental earthquakes to come, which the recently witnessed Taiwan 7.4 earthquake has confirmed. Moving on, we see the news about the raid, carried out by the feds on the Miami home of popular artiste, Sean Diddy. Recall that Joseph had earlier revealed that there would be graphic exposure, which he believes will lead to more exposure in his live broadcast on January 11, 2023.  

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Also, Joseph revisits his broadcast of April 3, 2024, where he shared the warning given by NASA ahead of the upcoming April 8 solar eclipse. We also see recent reported activities of CERN geared towards the altering of time. Joseph believes this is the last days' antichrist agenda where the world is ushered into the thought process of wickedness; what with CERN’s activities of opening up portals to other dimensions and introducing other beings into the physical realm. He further leads us to the Book of Revelation 9:11 to elaborate on what we see now with CERN. He then leads us to believe that we will be economically at a crossroads in 2025. Likewise, he discloses that there will be a pivotal response in May, because it will come with favor, alongside a lot of uncovering and exposure. 

Similarly, he recalls his broadcast of April 1, 2024, where he revealed seeing the words, “National Endurance, that will come with lots of challenges and exposure. Again, he reveals what he sees about the word, “Volkswagon” which may be related to a person, place, or situation while further disclosing that May will be pivotal in areas of tech decisions, oil platforms, and more airline issues. He reminds us that we’re in the days of Noah, which has thus, influenced his decision to visit the main location of Noah’s Ark. Once more, he shares what he sees about mountains, representing nations burdened with challenges, nations engaging other nations and events like a windstorm, alongside moments of fire. He further discloses that there will be events after the eclipse, exposure of ties, bribery, and corruption that will come to the forefront. 

Joseph further reminds us that sorrow may last for the night but joy comes in the morning. Therefore, we must endure to the end to witness victory. He insists that we will have one more round, which will require us to win for things to fall into place or risk having more challenging years to deal with. In like manner, he revisits his broadcast of April 2, 2024, where he taught about our prophetic destiny. He leads us to the Book of Isaiah 10:27 to remind us about the yoke-breaking anointing. He interprets anointing to mean growth, fatness, or maturity. He explains that yoke breaking can go from 30, 60 to 100; where 30 represents the point where our burden becomes lighter, at 60, we begin to be aware of our vision while at 100, we become completely free. At this point, we begin to fulfill our prophetic destiny and mature in God’s word, with the right people and places.


0:00 Introduction

01:09 Joseph’s Past Prophecy on Earthquakes

01:58 The Raid on Diddy’s Home & Joseph’s Past Prophecy about Exposure

04:07 NASA’s Warning about April 8 Solar Eclipse

10:34 CERN & their Quest to Alter Time

17:23 National Endurance: What You Need to Know

19:51 The Volkswagon Prophecy

27:01 Aftermath of the Eclipse

30:47 Another Round for the Nations

33:01 Isaiah 10:27: The Anointing Breaks the Yoke

40:09 Discovering Your Prophetic Destiny

55:07 Conclusion