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Today on the conversational series, Joseph Z features Gene Bailey. Gene shares insights into his newly published book, revealing that America is underwater,  like the Statue of Liberty deep-rooted underwater, but with its light raised high. He asserts that we must stand up for America because 2024 is the year that everyone is needed to rise to the occasion, of saving what is left of our country. 

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Also, Gene observes that there is hope for America if we can make ourselves available in all areas where our voices are needed, especially in the school boards, because we can not afford to be passive at this critical time. He also agrees that this year is a do-over year and that we’re in, for a rough ride; regardless he informs us that most revivals break out in difficult times; hence we should expect more revivals in these difficult times. 

Further, Gene shares his opinion about the political future of America while urging us to learn more about those around us because if we don’t stop the killing of America, we will soon be caught up in it. 


0:00 Introduction

01:00 2024: A Year to Stand Up for America

01:55 Any Hope for America?

03:00 Gene’s View of 2024

06:29 The Dangers of Fear

07:19 Gene’s Political View of America

08:31 Black Swans: Gene’s Perspective

11:03 Gene’s Experience with His Book

12:43 Conclusion