40 Days NEXT and God’s Will!!

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Joseph Z shares the forty-day prophecy in this live broadcast. He revisits his live broadcast of January 18, 2024, where he gave a Nineveh prophecy, revealing that the US will bow its knees in repentance or through fire while insisting it’s a wake-up call now for all nations to repent to repair. He went on to inform us that there would be restoration in the middle of the storm and our victory would be likened to the victory proclaimed in Psalm 126. Moving on, he alerts us about the re-ignition of CERN while exposing that Direct Energy Weapons(DEWS) will be revealed more in the next phase of what’s coming. He attributes this and all the evil narratives to a demonic response to the breakthrough that God has prepared for his People. 

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Similarly, Joseph reveals that we will see more monumental earthquakes that will hit some parts of the earth; urging us to prepare so that we can walk into all that God has in store for us. He also reveals that the words “Zombie” and “Organic anomaly” will make the news soon, and so will organic technology, which is quantum computing involving human DNA. He further reveals that there will be scenarios involving oil platforms at sea. 

He then leads us to the Book of Revelation 1:19, which instructs that we write the things that we’ve seen, the things that are, and the things that will take place after this. In like manner, he urges us to have a revelation of the areas we’re lacking, as cautioned by the Book of Revelation 2:7. He further informs us that reformers are coming who will rightsize things and lead us to a new, different America. Once more, he leads us to the Book of Psalm 126 to reveal the plan of God for our lives in the coming season. He then prays for us all, speaking life, freedom, and victory over us in the name of Jesus. 


0:00 Introduction

04:04 Joseph’s Past Prophecy on Nineveh

07:13 CERN, DEWS & Quakes: What You Need to Know

09:32 The 40-Day Scenario: What You Need to Know

11:18 More Zombie Narrative

13:04 Organic Anomaies & UFOs

15:03 Revelation 1:19: Revelation 2:7

20:16 Psalm 126: God’s Message for You

23:22 Can a Nation be Re-Birth in a Day?

32:12 Conclusion