Conversation with Hank Kunneman!

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On our conversational series today, Joseph Z features Hank Kunneman. Hank shares what he sees in the world today, revealing that not everything out there is legitimate because there are many false narratives and things the devil wants us to believe in. He discloses that our responsibility on earth should be to bring God’s heart into our lives, capture the heart of God, and bring it to the people who understand what He’s saying. 

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Also, he shares what God showed him, about the decades starting up harsh but ending up in rest while emphasizing the importance of water for our existence. He further shares a vision he had where God disclosed His will for California, disclosing that God has not forsaken California and Has promised to remember her three generations. 

Further, Hank insists that God has not forsaken this nation, urging us to see things through God's redemptive lenses and plans. He then shares his story about when he realized that he had the calling of God on his life, and how God has certified his gifts by performing some little acts of miracle with the people around him. 


0:00 Introduction

02:01 God Hasn’t Forgotten Us

03:32 What Has God Said About the Future?

05:30 The Days of Noah: What You Need to Know

07:13 Significance of Water

08:29 God’s Message for California: The Triple Rainbow

09:44 Hank’s Realization of God’s Call on His Life

13:39 Conclusion