Joseph Z w/ Special Guest Denise Renner!

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In today’s conversational series, Joseph Z features Denise Renner. Denise shares how her life started unfolding in the arena of miracles and the power of God, revealing that she started seeing Jesus as her healer after her childhood experience with a skin condition. She further narrates how the word of God, “By His stripes, we’re healed” healed her skin condition and fueled her newly published book. 

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Denise also shares some details of her book and how Christ used His words and miraculous deeds to reveal His identity to the world, especially when he healed the paralytic and also forgave him of his sins. Suffice it to say, she confessed to being healed by the Stripes of Jesus for three months before she finally got her miracle. 

Further, she makes us realize that the scourging of Christ at the pillar and the blood He shed during the process was for our sake and we should take advantage of His sacrifice to gain healing for every sickness in our bodies. 


0:00 Introduction

01:16 Denise’s Realization of God’s Healing Power

02:20 By His Stripes, You’re Healed!

06:09 Jesus is Your Healer: Insights

08:22 Christ was Tormented for Your Sake 

10:08 Conclusion