Prophetic Word—4 Major Events in 40 Days — praying for God’s Land!

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In this prophetic broadcast, Joseph Z reveals that we will see four major events in forty days. He discloses seeing China involved in some sinister activities. Still, the Lord assures us that we will be alright at this time because He is doing a Holy Spirit reset that will grant us favor and clarity. He urges the church to find its feet in the culture as it should and desist from becoming lukewarm, instead being a refreshing and healing vessel for the people in the world.

He reassures us of a Psalm 126 blessing even though it will take a lot to get to it. He also insists that May will herald several events that will shake the nation. He then asserts that we’re in a moment of darkness and the middle of a storm, followed by a reformation and the birth of reformers. He also reveals there will be a release of man-made natural issues in weather, economic, and medical narratives to assert control over the people. 

Joseph further insists on seeing forty days and four major events that will take place within this period. He reassures us, declaring that the spirit of God will protect us at this time while urging us to put our house together and get closer to Jesus.