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Joseph Z teaches about vision, maintaining it, and the sole aim for which visions are given in today’s Red Church broadcast. He informs us that a vision comes to us in various ways; however,  those who do not have a vision can serve another vision to discover theirs. He brings to our knowledge that delay is not denial, that is, our vision may take a while but it will surely come to pass. 

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Also, he leads us to the Book of Habakkuk 2:2 to educate us on what to do when we have a vision from God; outlining that writing out our vision and making it plain are a few steps to take toward achieving it. Moreover, he explains that God puts things in our hearts to accomplish them at an appointed time because we have a divine destiny with God. He enlightens us more, teaching that though our vision tarries, we must wait for it because when we wait on the Lord, we bind ourselves to Him. 

Further, he observes that many times, in the middle of our vision, we experience time constraints but we must not despair; instead wait patiently till the end. He urges us not to abort our vision with wrong mindsets and relationships. He also informs us that when we find our tribe we find our calling and the way we know we’re with the right people is when the people around us celebrate us and not tolerate us. He then urges us to do with all our might whatever our hands find and when we have that productive preparation, we run with the opportunity when it’s made available.  


0:00 Introduction

05:39 What to do When You Have No Vision

09:03 Habakkuk 2:2-3: How Faith Operates

14:30 You Have a Divine Destiny with God

18:39 Though it Tarries, Wait for It

29:06 Don’t Abort Your Vision

29:45 Find Your Tribe to Find Your Calling

32:22 The Place of Discipline & Productivity

34:42 Conclusion