Conversation with Pastor Todd Coconato, Larry Sparks, and Producer Jason Smith!

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In our conversational series today, Joseph features Larry Sparks, Jason Smith, and Todd Coconato. Todd observes some changes in NRB this year, disclosing that the remnant has taken over while acknowledging the shift that has since taken place. He also observes that it’s a collaborating effort to stand against the forces of darkness and wickedness in high places. 

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Again, he informs us that every second counts, urging us to show up, be in alignment, and do everything that the spirit requires of us. He further reveals that this is the church’s greatest hour, and we’re expected to rise, be bold, speak the truth, and walk in the anointing of the Holy Spirit. 

Further, Larry instructs that we learn how to be sensitive to the stirring of the Spirit because God wants to come upon people for His glory to be manifested in the world. He insists that we yield to the workings of the Holy Spirit while recognizing the boldness that comes with a demonstration of the spirit and power. In addition, Jason shares his experience in the ministry and the wonderful works that God is doing through him and his companions. 


0:00 Introduction

02:50 A Time of Mercy

03:12 Every Second Counts

03:55 Tribal Alignments

05:00 Christian or Biblical Worldview?

09:01 Be Sensitive to the Stirring of the Spirit

11:36 Larry’s Healing Ministration 

15:36 Conclusion