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“Why don't you believe that I love you and I plan to do good things in your life”?

Today in our NRB conversations, you’ll hear from different ministers of God, discover their message for you, and be encouraged by the miraculous deeds wrought by God through them. Rick begins by sharing the events that took place before the days of the flood, revealing that sensationalism was the order of the day before the flood and it’s being replicated now but will be replicated more as we draw closer to the end of the age. Moving on, Hank Kunneman shares what God showed him, about the decades starting up harsh but ending up in rest while emphasizing the importance of water for our existence. He further shares a vision he had where God disclosed His will for California, disclosing that God has not forsaken California and Has promised to remember her three generations. On the other hand, Alan Didio opens our eyes to transhumanism, revealing how algorithms create an avatar of us that helps them present content that we are passionate about. He discloses that Nimrod was after the antichrist system before God intervened, however, expressing sadness over the idea that the present generation has broken the barrier placed by God to protect us from the antichrist system. 

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Moreover, Gene Bailey shares insights into his newly published book, revealing that America is underwater,  like the Statue of Liberty deep-rooted underwater, but with its light raised high. He asserts that we must stand up for America because 2024 is the year that everyone is needed to rise to the occasion, of saving what is left of our country. Again, Lance Wallnau observes that there’s a culture war with the forces of hell on seven different fronts at present, and the culture war is a spiritual war, a proxy war between heaven and hell; thus the contours are getting clearer. However, he points out a vacuum in our worldview that needs to be articulated in the language of those whose souls we are trying to win. Further, Alexander Pagani reveals that the ministry of deliverance is a ministry of love and that compassion suffocates the demons; so to say, if we walk in love people get set free. Also, Carl Anderson informs us that prophecy comes from Jesus, because He is the spirit of prophecy, who appears to us in various ways through prophecy. He then shares his call to media missionary, how it started, and how far he has gone with his media series. 

More interestingly, David Hernandez shares that most times, we defeat the demonic oppression in our lives but still experience the same issues because we don’t walk in obedience to the word of God, which grants us complete freedom and wholeness. In like manner, George Barna alerts us about paganism in the church which is a result of people being so ill-trained in Biblical truths that they fall for any information made available to them. Also, Barna shares that the missing ingredient in our spiritual development is to let God fully transform us and give up control of our lives for God to take charge. Kerrick Butler then shares that the best miracles should be in our day because God’s plan for this generation, is far more than we have seen before. He further reveals that this is a year of light, promotion, and exaltation for those who yield to walking in the light. Once again, R.T. reveals that there’s been a silent divorce between the word and the spirit, and in this divorce, there are those on the word side and the spirit side, and the honor of God’s name will not be restored until the two embrace each other. He insists that the church must get back to the reformation, justification by faith, the sovereignty of God, assurance of salvation, and knowing our doctrine, including the restoration of sound theology. 

Going further, Steven Strang urges us not to be intimidated by the enemy because God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and sound mind; therefore we have to be strong and not pay attention to the haters. Similarly, Troy Brewer makes us understand that the US is one nation under God, and it will surely be torn apart if we do not repent; disclosing that the church can survive without the US, but the US will not survive without the Church. Additionally, Denise Renner shares some details of her book and how Christ used His words and miraculous deeds to reveal His identity to the world, especially when he healed the paralytic and also forgave him of his sins. Suffice it to say, she confessed to being healed by the Stripes of Jesus for three months before she finally got her miracle.


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02;34 Rick’s Message: The Days of Noah & Location of Noah’s Ark

07:11 Hank Kunneman’s Message

13:34 Alan Didio’s Message

17:30 Gene Bailey’s Message 

21:16 Lance Wallnau’s Message

24:03 Alexander Pagani’s Message

26:28 Carl Wesley Anderson’s Message

28:22 David Hernandez’s Message

32:53 George Barna’s Message

36:07 Kerrick Butler’s Message

37:53 R.T Kendall’s Message

39:59 Steven Strang’ message 

41:58 Message from Troy Brewer

46:15 Denise Renner’s Message

52:03 Conclusion