Prophetic Update! Dubai Apocalyptic Weather Man Made!!

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“Turn away from all fear, let not your heart be troubled, and rise for your greatest days are ahead of you”. 

In today’s prophetic update, follow the trail of Dubai's stormy weather while revisiting Joseph’s earlier prophecies about weather manipulation and tampering. Joseph Z begins by sharing a clip detailing the devastating effects of Dubai’s severe flooding caused by cloud seeding, a method employed in weather manipulation to induce rain.  Recall that on Joseph’s live broadcast of March 20, 2024, he warned about weather manipulation and how cloud seeding will be used to create rain. In that same broadcast, he revealed that earthquakes would be caused by weather manipulation while exposing that notable and monumental crashes will occur with airlines. 

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Also, Joseph reassures us, insisting that we not be afraid of the culture because a man or woman with a revelation is not at the mercy of a culture gone mad. He asserts that God will bring a unification to stand against the onslaught of the Goliath spirit; declaring that an extension of mercy has come to our houses and this nation. Again, he alerts us about downtime for the US, alongside a storm that will get us grounded in a valley of decisions prompting us to repent to repair or go through the fire. He further discloses that there’ll be revivals and reformation at the end of the storm, which will lead to a new, different America.

In like manner, he shares what to expect in the coming quarters of the year while revealing that there is an extension of God’smercy in this season. Once more, he declares there will be a return of liberty than we’ve ever seen in a generation, only if we pray about these times and seasons. Interestingly, he informs us that oil will come to the rescue of the economic woe the US is experiencing and that there will be a large deportation of individuals who immigrated illegally to the country. He then leads us to the Book of Psalm 126 to elaborate on God’s plan for our lives and the victory that awaits those who wait on the lord; for those who sow in tears will reap in songs of joy. He insists that this is the season of diamond seeds and all those who scaled the test will reap the fruit of their labor. 


0:00 Introduction

02:23 Weather Manipulation

04:50 Clip of Weather Tampering

10:48 Scenarios of Weather Manipulation

11:35 The Goal of Weather Manipulation

14:26 Notable Airlines Crashes

15:58 Satellites & Hacking: What You Need to Know

18:57 Don’t be Afraid!

21:35 Downtime for the US & the Strange Storm

23:16 The Year’s Timeline

26:11 Psalm 126: Turn Around Our Captivity

29:00 Conclusion