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It’s a fresh episode of our No Limits Q&A session and today, we will learn more about false anointing, accountability in the prophetic, and the fundamentals that show that one is called of God. Joseph explains false anointing with a Biblical reference taken from the Book of 1 John 2:27, analyzing that a pretense of what is true and a deception is a false anointing. He explains that the anointing is a marking by God for a purpose, a grace “gifting” for us to function and have a purpose. He further discloses that when people act as though God’s anointing is upon them for the aim of personal gains or gratification, they’re exhibiting a false anointing. 

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Similarly, Joseph makes us understand that a false anointing can still bear fruits because the Lord has assured us that His words shall not return to Him void without accomplishing the purpose for which it was sent out. Also, Heather responds to concerns about prophets having accountability, revealing that it’s paramount in the prophetic to be accountable for self and the responsibility to others. Joseph points out that every prophet must be answerable to mentors because one who truly answers to God should also be accountable to the body of Christ. He clarifies this by referencing the word of God taken from the Book of Ephesians 4:11-16, which emphasizes the importance of the body of Christ working together to complement one another. 

Again, Joseph leads us to the Book of Revelation 1:5-6 to outline the difference between the Old and New Testament prophets; revealing that prophets from the Old Testament worked directly with God, but that is different from the New Testament prophetic office which is answerable to the body of Christ for the equipping and edifying of the body of Christ. In like manner, he outlines the qualities that qualify one as a truly called servant of God. He leads us to the Book of John 5:31-39 to point out the criteria that show that one is called of God. 


0:00 Introduction

07:39 What is a False Anointing?

09:11 1 John 2:27

14:45 False Anointing: Characteristics

17:54 Psalm 87:1-3

19:54 Can False Anointing Produce Fruits?

22:13 Accountability in the Prophetic

24:29 Ephesians 4:11-16

30:44 Revelation 1:5-6: New & Old Testament Prophets

35:25 Qualities of One Called by God

37:43 John 5:31-39

48:41 Conclusion