How to Receive From God! w/ Jeremy Pearsons

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Would you rather be right or righteous?

It’s a new episode of our Faith series, and today, Joseph Z and Jeremy Pearsons enlighten us on how to receive from God. Jeremy references the Book of Proverbs 4:20 to explain how wisdom stands at the intercession of life, requiring us to decide the right path to take. He clarifies that God placed his wisdom amidst the noisiness associated with the intercession of life, thus, we find it within us if we pay attention to what matters. He charges us to make an effort to tune out all the noise, to hear what the word of God is saying. 

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In like manner, Jeremy reminds us that God’s words are life while urging us to guard our hearts with all diligence, because out of it comes all the issues of life. He cautions us to be wary of the pressures of life because they can drive us away from Jesus; hence, we must guard our hearts to keep them from being overwhelmed by the pressures of life. On the other hand, Joseph makes us realize that most people who are very critical are led by a demonic spirit, that seeks to destroy all those who give in to their subtle acts of deception. 

Further, Joseph warns about being carnal with the word of God, that is, reading the word, not for the sake of its transforming power, but as a tool to show one’s knowledge in arguments. In like manner, Jeremy instructs that we question the motive behind our critical behaviors, deliberating on whether we want to be right or righteous in the sight of God. He then urges us to identify the authorities God has placed in our lives and acknowledge them for our protection. 


0:00 Introduction

01:53 Proverbs 4:20 

03:26 The Intercession of Life & God’s Wisdom

07:46 Keep God’s Word in Your Heart

11:03 Guard Your Heart with all Diligence

11:28 Be Wary of the Pressures of Life

14:10 Reading the Bible Carnally & Spiritually

16:55 Would You Rather be Right or Righteous?

23:14 Understanding Submission & Faith

26:03 Conclusion