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In today’s prophetic update, we see a UFO over Laguardia airport which is currently undergoing forensic investigation to ascertain its originality. Recall that Joseph had earlier revealed in his past broadcast of March 14, 2024, that we would see more UFO scenarios in the news, which he believes is associated with technology, Project Blue Beam designed for control over the people. He observes that these UFO narratives could also be real demonic entities or computer-generated images. 

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Moving on, he warns that AI will be capable of more in the coming times, and will be used to cause more deception in the culture. He also observes that many people will be reluctant to leave their homes soon because they can view the world through virtual reality. He then revisits his broadcast of February 1, 2024, where he warned that grid blackouts and cyber breaches will be experienced more in the coming months and years. He further shares what to expect in the coming quarters of the year.

Similarly, Joseph recalls his prophecy of January 10, 2024, where he warned about a water crisis he believes will affect agriculture and the meat industry. On the other hand, he shares his live broadcast of April 25, 2024, where he allows a sneak peek at his visit to one of the seven churches in Revelation. Once again, on his April 23, 2024, live broadcast, he revealed a prophetic cry hitting the land at the moment, a call to listen to the voice of God, and a wake-up call to pay attention to what the spirit is saying. 

Further, Joseph insists it’s time to pay attention to what the Lord is saying because there's great pressure in the atmosphere, what with AI running rampant, and climatic issues witnessed recently. He reveals an anointing of restoration is upon us, and there are pieces of us lost in difficulties that God has gone ahead to restore to us. He warns that there will be more cyber issues and some unparallel things breaking loose; regardless, he urges us not to forget that the Lord is with us and will indemnify everything lost in the storm. 


0:00 Introduction

01:00 UFO/UAP: The Real Issues

06:26 Augmented Reality

07:05 Blackouts & More Cyber Breaches

07:55 The Coming Quarters of the Year: What to Expect

10:06 Water Issues: What You Need to Know

12:14 Sneak Peek at Church of the Spilled Blood

14:53 A Prophetic Cry

22:35 Coming Exposure

27:23 Conclusion