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“The spirit of the antichrist doesn't hold a candle to the spirit of God in you”.

Today on the No Limit Q&A session, we have the pleasure of meeting ministers of God who dedicate their time to working in God’s vineyard to God’s glory and the happiness of all men of goodwill. Rick Renner informs us that we’re living in the last days, as such we must buckle our seatbelts because to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Max reveals that God is preparing the world for His son’s coming, and we’re charged to be watchful and ready, for no one knows the hour when He will come. 

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Also, Rick discloses that the closer we sail to the end of the age, the more we are charged with confronting the spirit of the age. This is because as ministers of the gospel, there’s a need to address the antichrist spirit and the moral degradation in the culture today. Interestingly, Joseph shares some insight about his prophetic gift, and how he has been able to stay grounded in the word of God over the years. 

In like manner, Joe leads us to the Book of Exodus 9:7, to reveal that the hearts of men and leaders have been hardened, likewise the hearts of the people surrounding them. This is because the world is coming to a point where people’s hearts are growing cold, as they have become averse to kindness and mercy. He reminds us of how Goshen was filled with light even though it was dark in Egypt. On the heels of this, he believes that the church can have a revelation while the world is experiencing darkness. In addition, Rick acknowledges that there’s a great falling away at this time, but there is a remnant that will experience the power of God at the end of the age. 


0:00 Introduction

07:40 We’re Living in the Last Days

08:40 The Powerful Twos!

09:36 What God is Doing at the Moment

13:46 Exodus 9:7: The Hardening of Hearts

16:51 The Remnant & the Power of God

19:50 The Days of Incivility

25:43 Re-appearance of Noah’s Ark: Prophetic Inclination

26:28 Conclusion