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“This time can be your greatest hour ever”

Today on the live broadcast, Joseph Z informs us that the spirit of the Lord is bringing the voice of God to nations. He references the Book of 1 Chronicles 12:32 to remind us of the importance of understanding the times and seasons. He instructs that the sons of Issachar understood the times, knew what to do, and also recognized their tribe. He discloses there will be a downtime for nations that will bring a storm, alongside a tornado with a shelter in the middle, where everyone who runs to it becomes safe. On the heels of this, he asserts that these difficult times will also bring a season of reformation. 

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Moving on, Joseph calls to the church to wake up, repent, be saved, and renew our minds in God’s word. He also reveals that Generation Alpha will play a big role in the reformation that will lead to a new, different America. He further informs us that we will step into an era of AI that will be more challenging; alongside economic conversations that will lead up to 2025 and 2026. Regardless, he assures us that God’s spirit will grant us great strength in the middle of all these, and those who align with their tribe will experience victory; insisting that people will reap in songs of joy all they have sown in tears. 

Similarly, he asserts that those rightly aligned will reap the promise of Psalm 126, and all those who had sown in tears will reap in songs of joy. Once more, he insists there will be a do-over anointing and a return of everything stolen from us; assuring that those who have been faithful will experience a greater reward and victory. He also assures us that God’s hand is upon our lives, and He will not leave or forsake us. He then discloses there will be a coming together of the “powerful twos” because God is aligning the apostles and prophets. 

In addition, Joseph reveals there will be more airline issues and political exposures while informing us that it’s time for the church to wake up and spread the gospel worldwide. Also, he exposes that BRICS will be met with obstacles in their agenda, and things will not progress as they had wished. He further assures us that we’re anointed for this time and when we draw near to God, he will draw near to us. He then declares boldness and favor in the hour of adversity; assuring us of supernatural responses for all those who have been obedient. 


0:00 Introduction

04:06 Come Up Higher!

06:14 1 Chronicles 12:32: The Sons of Issachar

07:46 Downtime for the Nations

09:36 A Season of Breakthrough & Reformation

10:40 A Wake-Up Call

14:01 A Time of Challenging Artificial Intelligence 

16:18 The Return of the Lord

18:01 God’s Hand is Upon Your Life

19:14 The Coming Together of the Powerful Twos

21:12 More Airlines Issues & Political Exposures

29:45 Conclusion